Bosco Printed Circuit Managemt Systems

The Quality Policy of Bosco Printed Circuits is to implement and maintain an effective Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 in order to provide all needed controls to ensure conformance to both the code of practice and to Customer requirements.

This policy includes serving the Customers and supplying them with quality products that conform to prescribed standards and to meet all Customer specified requirements.

It is management philosophy and dedication that controlled quality is of utmost importance to the Company and it’s Customers.


Continual Improvement Process Model


Bosco Printed Circuits adopts a process approach to Quality System Management as illustrated above.


The Company’s Quality Policy and process requirements that are used to identify and satisfy Customer requirements meet applicable industry, statutory, and regulatory requirements and furthermore conform to ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements.


Organization Structure


The above illustration shows the key processes and inter-relationships that form the core of Bosco Printed Circuits.