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Bosco Printed Circuits

Company Profile:

  Established in 1956 by Mr HG Verheul, Bosco Printed Circuits (Pty) Ltd was the first Company in South Africa to manufacture 'Printed Circuit Boards'. Today, the three sons of the Founder own and direct the company. The Company was named in honour of Saint Don Bosco, whose principal vocation was the sustenance and education of many thousands of destitute children. For this reason and also to acknowledge and further the great Saint•s work, the Company financially contributes on an annual basis to 3 children•s institutions (Forest Town School Foundation, Little Eden, Girls and Boys Town).

Bosco Printed Circuits has grown into a multi-million Rand a year company, and is recognized as both, a Quality and Service orientated Supplier. Bosco is a member of the Internationally acclaimed 'Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits (IPC).

Company Mission & Vision Statement:

  The success of any company lies within the skill and commitment of its employees. The directors of Bosco are passionately driven to achieve in their endeavors, to impress upon their employees, an urgent sense of both pride and commitment, in the advancement of service and quality. The responsibility of quality rests within every employee of the Company. Bosco is ISO 9001 compliant and ensures that only the finest quality raw materials, purchased from only reputable suppliers are used in the manufacture of fully RoHS compliant Printed Circuit Boards. Our suppliers are equally committed to service and quality, which in turn renders to us confidence in the long-term reliability of our products.

Our Company slogan is •The long established Firm (1956) • Looking Forward to the Future.• •Looking Forward to the Future•, motivates the Company•s employees to strive for a better and great future.

We are very proud to be a South African Company, because the Company is made up of various different race and cultural groups all working strongly together to further the aims of the Company and •Looking Forward to the Future• for the benefit of all of the Company•s employees.

Advantages that Customers get are excellent service, very competitive prices, and flexibility without compromising quality. We are the largest PCB Company in South Africa and a Company that has an advantage over its competitors in that it has the ability to offer greater flexibility.

Why Choose Bosco Printed Circuits?

Our Quick-turn Prototype service from 24-hours.

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Bosco Printed Circuit Specialists
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